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Women’s Pretrial Release Initiative

The Decarceration Project’s Women’s Pretrial Release Initiative is a ground-breaking partnership with Fedcap and the Open Society Foundation. Our goal is to assist cis- and trans-women accused of crimes and held on unaffordable money bail return to their community. The project is a microcosm of the Decarceration Project’s larger work to close Rikers Island by first striving to close the Rose M. Singer women’s facility. By working with Fedcap, we provide our clients unparralled access to a wide range of support systems, including job training, counseling, help navigating an addiction, and mental health treatment.

Here is how the Women’s Pretrial Release Initiative works:

  1. Our staff identifies eligible women being held on bail they can’t afford.
  2. A referral is made to Fedcap, who then screens the client for programming needs and eligibility.
  3. Our client is accepted, and we present the case to the district attorney and judge to obtain release.
  4.  If the court denies our application, we litigate our clients’ bail in an effort to secure their release.
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