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How To Pay Bail in NYC

How To Pay Bail in NYC

Looking to better understand how bail works in New York City? Looking to pay bail for a loved one? While New York City has recently launched an online bail payment option, it is limited to instances where the court set credit card bail as an option for paying. It also requires payment of a 2.49% fee. That may mean you need to figure out how to pay bail yourself at a correctional facility, or it may mean you must resort to using an insurance company bail bondsman who will charge you between 6-10% of the bail bond as a nonrefundable fee. We always suggest that using a bail bondsman be the last resort. More about why you should be cautious when utilizing a bail bondsman can be found in Bail’s Set, What’s Next?

To assist you in navigating the City’s broken bail payment system we have compiled a series of links to help guide you through the process.


  • Our partners at the Dollar Bail Brigade have developed a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for paying bail at all of New York City’s jail facilities: CLICK HERE


  • New York has developed its own guide to understanding and paying bail: CLICK HERE


  • The New York City’s Department of Corrections has a page on bail payment. It has a step by step process for how to pay bail online in New York City: CLICK HERE
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